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Dry - Hárslevelű - 2017

Dry - Hárslevelű - 2017


This natural, white Hárslevelű wine, free from chemicals and additives has been handcrafted with traditional Tokaj-technology, fermented and aged for over 12 month in young Zemplén-oak barrels. Soft, well ballanced wine, for the Hárslevelű specific yellow-flesh fruits, quince, citrus flavour, melt with linden, honey and vanilla, light aroma and silky aftertaste.


Bottles produced: 1205

Alcohol: 14 %

Sugar concentration: 8,3 g/l

Acidity: 6,5 g/l

Extract content without sugar: 25 g/l

Recomended consumption: 12-14 °C

Permit number: FTPO

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