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Dry - Furmint - 2017

Dry - Furmint - 2017


This natural, white Furmint wine, free from chemicals and additives has been handcrafted with traditional Tokaj-technology, fermented and aged for over 12 month in young Zemplén-oak barrels. Complex, well ballanced full body wine, for the Furmint specific green apple, pear, citrus, raisins, vanilla, honey and butter scents and flavors, fresh acids and long lasting slight almond-bitter eftertaste.


Bottles produced: 1295

Alcohol: 14 %

Sugar concentration: 2,5 g/l

Acidity: 7,6 g/l

Extract content without sugar: 28 g/l

Recomended consumption: 12-14 °C

Permit number: GMEU

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