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Favorit Wines

Dry Furmint - 2018

Dry Furmint - 2018

Sweet - Aszú - 2017

Sweet Aszú - 2017


Dry Hárslevelű - 2017


The Winemaker

The Way always called me. New challenges, striving  for perfection, are keeping me in move. I was privileged to taste and live with premium wines. My love and admiration for Mother Nature's wonders, made me to became farmer and winemaker. Maintain and continuing the traditional, manufacturer wine making, free from chemicals and additives in Tokaj, is my goal.


Taking care of our  vine-stocks as they where humans and assist when wines are coming to life, - this is my Ars Poetica.


Naturally Natural from Vine to Glass


Organic grapes

We are a small family winery using traditional natural methods to combat pests and other natural vineyard hazards.

Sustainably farmed

We belive that hand labor and natural soil amelioration is the way for sustainable wine-grape groving.

Natural products

Our premium wines are the result of traditional handcrafted Tokajer techniques and a lot of  help from Mother Nature.


Our Vineyards

We are farming and growing our grapes in the historical vineyards of  Mád, Tokaj, Hungary, part of the  UNESCOs World Heritage Site. World famous for its sweet Aszú-wines from centurys known as "Vinum Regum Rex Vinorum" "The king of wines, the wine of the kings" 


Gourmet-evenings with wine tasting,  visiting historical, ancient  cellars, cooking  traditional hungarian food  over open fire in the vineyard, are some of the events you will find here.

Do it your self

You are welcome to come and harvest your grapes and with my assistance make your handcrafted wine. We can offer all inclusive packages, but can even personalize your expirience with this fascinating, mithical ancient handcraft. 




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